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Hopefully, this post makes working with Terraform modules easy for beginners.

We will primarily work with aws provider and use and terraform cloud to create our module and a resource in an aws region.

Problem: When I started working with Terraform modules, it was confusing and time taking to get the project up and running quickly. Please note this article does not provide a walkthrough about publishing the module to a public or private registry but only to structure it, write the code, integrate with terraform cloud and create a sample aws resource.

Pre-requisite: You will need basic knowledge…


  1. Retrieve total number of EBS volumes in specific regions in an AWS account.
  2. Retrieve number of unencrypted EBS volumes in specific regions in an AWS account
  3. Calculate % EBS volumes that are unencrypted by region

*Disclaimer: Quite a few third party tools and AWS Config check encrypted-volumes will retrieve the volumes that are not encrypted. …

This article does not illustrate how to setup your CloudFront distribution with S3. Instead we will see how to setup your build environment and use AWS CodePipeline and CodeBuild with Github to track changes, build and deploy files for distribution to your website’s S3 bucket.

Very first thing, always create a virtual environment if you don’t install virtualenv.

my-MacBook-Pro:~ me$ pip3 install virtualenv

Collecting virtualenv

Downloading (3.4MB)

100% |████████████████████████████████| 3.4MB 5.7MB/s

Installing collected packages: virtualenv

Successfully installed virtualenv-16.7.7

Create and cd into your project directory.

my-MacBook-Pro:~ me$ mkdir proj

my-MacBook-Pro:~ me$ cd proj

Create the virtual environment inside the…

Technology Stack: Angular 5 Frontend, Node.js Backend

Use Case: After I finished writing an app with Angular 5 and Node.js that allowed users to upload 100+MB files for processing it was time to deploy the app to AWS. Until this time I was using simple file upload using FormData from Angular to my Node.js server and storing the files in the filesystem using a popular middleware multer. Everything worked as expected. While deploying the app it dawned on me that since my servers will be in an AWS auto scaling group, AWS can spawn or kill these servers based on…

I wanted to deploy Rendertron on AWS EC2 for my production app written in Angular 5 frontend and node/express backend and did not find any tutorial so here is my stab at it. I did not want to dive into Angular Universal for Angular server side rendering for SEO and sincerely thought Rendertron is a much better and easier alternative.

Log in to your AWS Console and Fire up a brand new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS instance.

AWS Console Launching a new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS instance

I am going to choose a m4.large instance since I presume we will need a little bit of that memory and power that t2…


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